Omega-3 Supplement: How To Choose The Right One

The truth about omega-3 and it’s benefits

What You need to know about omega-3

Essential fatty acids are crucial for the overall mental as well as physical well-being of a person. A large number of people use supplements of fish oil in order to fulfill their requirements of essential fatty acids, but vegetarian people need to find out other sources of these fatty acids.


Many people wonder if there is any omega-3 supplement that is appropriate as well as safe. For adults and children alike, an omega-3 supplement must contain pharmaceutical grade or molecularly distilled fish oil, not from the fish that swam in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a good idea to use this supplement, especially when the diet of a family does not contain fish, as it is important for proper neurological and cardio-vascular development.

There is a huge range of omega-3 supplements available in the market today. Some of them can be consumed in the form of liquid oil, while others in the form of capsules. We all know that fish oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, while other sources include vegetable oils, algae oil, harp seal oil and krill oil.

Omega-3 in other natural resources…

People, who can eat fish and have no allergies to them, can take fish oil supplements without doubt. The reason for this is that fish oil is the direct source of continuing fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are crucial for the growth and development of body tissues and cells. These are broken down into metabolites within the body, which helps the body to fight against various diseases.

If a person experiences no side-effects or irritation after consuming fish oil, then it is the best omega-3 supplement for him or her.

People who are vegetarian and do not consume fish oil, they can also obtain their share of omega-3 from the vegetable oils. The most prominent source of these oils is the flax seed oil, which contains around 55% of the omega-3 fatty acids. The supplements of flax seed oil are also present in the market; however, flax seeds can also be eaten directly by people.

Apart from flax, the canola oil is also a good reserve of omega-3 supplement, which contains considerable amounts of anti-oxidants that helps people in lowering down their cholesterol levels.

Over-weight people, who want to cut down their dietary intake and are still experiencing some vitality, the best omega-3 supplement for such people is olive oil, which not only helps them in losing weight, but will also provide them with the required percentage of omega-3 fatty acids.

There may be some people who are not only on the search of an effective omega-3 supplement, but also want some additional nutrients for boosting up their energy levels, cod liver oil and krill oil is best for them. These oils are rich sources of Vitamin A and D, but one should look out for their dosage of these oils.

Excessive dosage of vitamin D can cause congestion in the arteries and excessive intake of vitamin A can causes the problem of acne in some people. People who are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes are suggested to consult a qualified physician before selecting any omega-3 supplement.

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