Seal Oil

About Seal Oil: 

  • Contains Natural Omega-3
  • Can obtain 10 times as much Omega-3 fatty acid, DPA, than some fish oils.
  • Favorable composition of fatty acids
  • Good for tender and stiff joints
  • Favorable for diabetes
  • Low blood pressure- and cholesterol reducing (also has a favorable effect on the triglyceride level in the blood)
  • Favorable for dry skin and mild psoriasis

Arctic Omega-3 Seal Oil from Norway

From the Icy water – the ideal Omega-3 Source

Arctic Omega – 3 seal oil includes the three most important long-chained n-3 (omega – 3) fatty-acids EPA, DHA and DPA. These fatty-acids are presently the most significant and fast growing food supplement on the market today.

“The blubber of harp seals contains high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids. Eskimos recipe for a healthy heart, good immune defense system, good circulation, soft joint and beautiful skin is seal oil.

It is documented that the molecules in the seal oil is structured different than fish oil, and humans benefit more from seal oil than fish oil during digestion. This is because the seal is a mammal.”

Source: Ministry Of Fisheries, Norway

Arctic Omega-3 Seal Oil is taken from the Greenland seal, that is not on the endangered species list. The capsules are tested for dioxins and pcb, and meets EU`s demands.

Arctic Omega-3 Seal oil contains Omega-3 that also can:

  • Be positive against mild depression
  • Positive for concentration
  • Reduce mild menstrual pain   

Arctic Omega-3 Seal oil is used at Haukeland University hospital for studies (as a supplement), and is the purest seal oil available on the marked.

Arctic Omega-3 Seal oil satisfies the Food Safety Authoritie`s demands when it comes to limits for the environmental poison.

The availability for seal oil is limited in the world marked. It is only possible to produce seal oil for approximately 6 million people per year. We in Arctic Omega-3 Seal oil are guarantied delivery form our producers, and this will be positive for our costumers.